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From: Richard Garcia
Subject: For the First TimeThis is a work of fiction. If you are not 18 please leave. I was at home alone as the wife and children were visiting up north for
two weeks and I was working nights. Being able to loaf around without
getting dressed was a treat I was seldom afforded. Me, I'm Richard, 45,
just over 6 foot and about 190 pounds. I work in the construction trades
so I am fairly fit, not buffed but fairly trim all the same.
Well the wife usually took care of everything around the house and the
yard so I didn't know anything about the schedule the yard service had with
us till there was a knock on the door about 8:15 Tuesday morning. I tight preteen panties wrapped
a towel around my waist and answered the door. There stood this god like
figure, young, tanned, buffed in a tight tee and shorts. He introduced
himself as Adam and said he was there to spray the yards and flower beds. I
assured him the dog had gone preteens model tgp with the wife and kids and would be gone for
two weeks.
I watched this young man work and was thinking about what he might look
like naked. At this point I should point out that I have never had a
homosexual experience and considered myself to be strictly heterosexual.
Anyway as he worked I realized I was stroking my cock and was getting hard.
Well he was done in about 30 minutes and again knocked to tell me he was
done and would be back Friday morning to mow and trim the bushes. I had
again covered myself with the towel but could have sworn he glanced down
and saw my excited state under the towel.
That night while watching a porn on the TV I caught myself again
thinking about Adam an what it might be like to make love to a man. As I
masturbated I was thinking that it was Adam stroking my cock and had one of
the most explosive orgasms I had in a very long time. This change in my
behavior bothered yet intrigued me. I was looking forward to seeing Adam
on Friday.
Friday broke as a hot sunny day and since preteen nonnude video we work Sunday thru Thursday
night I was off for the next 2 days. As the day wore on I started to worry
that my yard work wasn't going to get done preteen pedo virgins
today and was feeling a little
down in the dumps. Lunch time came and went and I was about to give up hope
when about 3:30 Adam's truck pulled up out front and he started right in on
mowing the lawn.
I don't know why but after Adam arrived I decided to take a shower and
was just drying off when there was a knock on the door. I opened the door
to find Adam shirtless and sweaty, he asked if he cold get a drink as he
had finished the water in his cooler on the last job.
Wanting to be a good host I invited him in and headed to the kitchen to
get him a drink, him in shorts and tennis shoes and me in just a towel. I
had a hard time pouring him a glass my hands were shaking so much. I handed
him the glass and we started talking about things in general. Adam was 19,
had no girl at the moment and was going away to college in the fall. I
noticed he kept looking at the towel and I started to get a little hard.
Adam put the glass down on the table and walked up in preteen free lesbian front of me and
asked me why I was so nervous. I tried to brush it off by laughing but he
would have none of it. Have you ever done anything with a man before he
asked and shuddering I replied no. Reaching down with his right hand he
started to rub my cock thru the towel and asked , not even as a young man,
again I answered no. Well I like playing both sides of the fence Adam
replied as he squeezed my cock and pulled the towel away.
I was like a zombie. Frozen in my tracks, unable to move or speak,
having a mans hand on free preteen cumshot my cock for the first time and I was rock hard in
seconds. It was obvious to both of us that I liked what he was doing, oh I
was in heaven and was starting to leak pre cum like crazy. I could do
nothing but stare straight ahead as he slowly knelt on the free under preteen kitchen preteen nonnude video
and took my 6 inch cock in his mouth. Wow, I had to hold on to his head
with both hands to prevent myself from falling over first he would use just
the tip of his tongue on my sensatitive cock head then the next instant he
was sucking full force on my whole shaft. This only went on for a minute
before I started to panic and tried to push him off saying I was going to
cum. He indian preteen rapidshare would have none of it and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and
pulled me in closer. My knees started shaking, I was breathing a thousand
miles an hour and erupted in that warm, wet vacuum of a mouth. It seemed
like I would never stop cumming. I must have shot 4 or 5 large ropes of
cum. All the time Adam was swallowing.
I started to calm down and Adam stood and came up to my face and gave me
a kiss, I resisted at first as he tried frenching but gave in after a few
attempts. He had kept some of my cum in his mouth and deposited it in my
mouth. At first I was a little disgusted but as I calmed down I realized it
didn't taste bad just a funny texture.
While we were kissing Adam guided my hand to his throbbing cock and I
started playing with it thru his dungaree shorts. It felt like it was
huge. Adam stepped back a pace and put his hands on my shoulders and
exerted a little pressure pushing me down to my knees. My face was now
level with his crotch. He said take my shorts off. Shakingly I complied ,
undoing the button and lowering the zipper. As I pulled the shorts down
his cock sprang up in front of my face, it was at least 8 inches long,
skinnier than mine and bent up to his belly.
Placing his hands on the sides of my head Adam guided me to my first
taste of man meat. I opened my mouth and leaned forward as he slid his
cock in to my mouth. This is what you have been waiting for Adam said. I
could see it in your eyes the other day when I was here that this is what
you wanted. slowly I started to lick his cock and just kind of hold it in
my mouth. he preteen in bra said suck on it as you move back and forward on it. I obeyed
like a puppy being trained. I preteen amateur nudes placed my left hand on xpreteen girl models his hard balls and
started to message them and feel their weight. Sucking cock wasn't
anything like I thought it would be. The taste was and texture were
interesting, hell it tasted better than eating my wife's pussy. as I sucked
I could feel Adam's cock start to grow. He took my head in his young hands
and started facefucking me in ernest.
I knew I was doing a good job just from all the moaning and grunting
that Adam was doing. As he climaxed he held my head free preteen cumshot steady and shot his
cum down my throat. I would like to say that I was able to swallow it all
in one go but in actuallity a lot leaked out from the sides of my lips.
Now I knew what I had been missing for a long time. Don't get me wrong
I love fucking my wife but we had been married for a long time and I had
nly had 2 other women other than preteens girls photos her in my whole life. I instantly knwe
that this would not be the last time that I sucked cock in my lifetime. A
whole new area of human sexuality had been opened up for me.
As Adam and I ilegal preteen picture
sat back on the couch resting from our first encounter we
started french kissing and he started to slowly jack my cock. I could not
believe that I could get hard again so soon after just cum. I was hard as
steel in a matter of seconds. ever so slowly he nelt preteen picture archives on the floor in front
of me and grabbed my ass cheeks and scooted me to the edge of the couch and
started to suck my cock again. I just laid my head back and was enjoying
all the naked preteens photo new feelings I was having and didn't notice at first that he was
playing with my asshole with a finger as he was giving me the blowjob.
Looking down at him I watched as staring me in the eyes he sucked his index
finger in to his mouth nad watching the expression on my face pushed it in
to my virgin ass. As he pushed he was grinning and said I had a lot to
learn about man sex and he was going to be my teacher. WOW what did he
just do. He knew right where my prostate was and started to play with it
with his finger all the while just watching me. I was again breathing
ragged and Adam dove down on my cock and sucked for all he was worth and
again was rewarded with a mouthfull of my cum.
While I was erupting Adam shovced a second finger in my ass and was
sawing them in to me in rapid strokes/ He just kept on sucking and fucking
me with those fingers of his and I didn't care. Well my dickhead xpreteen girl models became
too sensatitive and I asked him to stop. He stopped sucking and slowed the
pace of the ravaging of my ass to a slow rythem of strokes from pulling his
fingers almost out to all the wayand twisting and pushing them in as far as
they would go. Each time he passed my prostrate my cock would jump and the
sensation was unexplainable This 19 year old was way ahead of my about the
facts of life and experiances in life in general
Adam pulled his fingers from my ass and said he had to go. He didn't
want the neighbors to get suspcious. He asked me what I had planned for
the rest of the evening . Stating that I had nothing on the aagenda he
told me that he would take his truck home and be back on foot after dark.
We kissed and he left. That left me with some time to think. I had never
cheated on my wife before. I had never done anything with a man before and
was definately in way over my head.. A lot to think about in the next
three hours....

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